About Us

Hailing from Colombia, and growing up in a generation where girls should wear pink, boys should wear blue and if you wanted to keep it neutral, you went with gray or pastel yellow, I´m putting a brand new, colorful and comfortable spin on baby and children’s gender neutral apparel.

Twibbles is here to provide children and parents with unique apparel and unique gender neutral patterns, paired with creative packets and didactic material that will encourage them to use their imagination in positive ways.  We help kids reassuring their uniqueness expressing themselves however they want. 

Our Product

We take inspiration from everywhere... from animals in the jungle to fantastical creatures in your garden. Starting with a sketch and a watercolor illustration, we compose fun vibrantly colorful patterns that come together to form places and stories. Our products are made with 100% cotton and hypoallergenic fabrics (fabrics  that were created without any harmful chemical substance) and are produced with zero effluents in the dyeing process. 

All our products are pre-washed, and sewn together meticulously to give your kiddo the best and softest product. 

Twibbles is all about wearable illustrations, that come to life with downloadable creative material that will encourage kids to use their imagination and motor skills in positive ways. 

Our Commitment

We believe in the power of literacy to inspire communities. We want to give kids the opportunity to have fun clothing, with designs that will set them apart, but we also care about the kids that do not have a lot of opportunities. Our dream is to see the formation of a social chain where we create and, in return, see the joyful faces of those who wear our pieces and read our books. 

Our goal is to donate a book for each product we sell by partnering with nonprofit organizations and libraries across Colombia.